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Unified view of your fans and their behaviours

What you need to know, when you do

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We drive commercial growth through Off-field analytics, data acquisition & consulting

Capture data, Discover Insights and Rewire decisions through our platform Organon to answer critical questions that affect the commercial and brand performance of sport & entertainment organisations

Sports Analytics

Used by sports bodies such as


Powering the business of Sport & Entertainment with data 

Organon collects and unifies data from different domains and provides insights through tailored algorithms that enables stake holders to take better decisions


Unified view of your fans and their behaviours

Organon helps marketers deliver experiences to fans that not only keep them engaged, but drive loyalty amongst them. In summary, this is what marketers love:

  • Wholistic view of fans, segmented according to their behaviours and interactions

  • Rich interaction builder enabling quick set-up of microsites, forms and mass mails

  • Seamless integration with third-party platform(s) such as social media and mass mailing applications

  • Directly reach out to data driven fan clusters or user driven segments across platforms, whether through mass mails, social media, or text messages

  • All under one roof

Sports Marketing
Sports CRM

What you need to know, when you do

Opportunity Window is critical when it comes to key decisions, especially for CxOs and executives in Senior Management. We know time is precious and high-level executives simply cannot afford to go through a bunch of reports or dashboards everyday just to get an understanding of what they need to

be focussing on. Organon’s CxO intelligence:

  • Highlights the KPIs and insights that are important to high-level executives and the aspects of the business that requires most of their attention

  • Ensures that their focus is drawn to the right things at the right time

  • Cuts through the clutter, and delivers only the relevant intelligence critical to executives


Execution made easy

Multi tasking is a necessity in this industry. There are a thousand things to be done at one time with multiple teams both on and off the pitch. Such is the ecosystem within which the operations teams are expected to deliver amazing experiences to fans. Organon helps to:

  • Manage all tasks in an unified manner across teams

  • Ensures that visibility is granted to anyone who needs it

  • Tracks progress & status of tasks across all operational dimensions

Sports Operations
Sports Analytics

Intelligence at your fingertips

When it comes to any sport, off-field data is  often fragmented given the number of stakeholders and teams involved. This makes appropriate and relevant analytics hard to deliver, leading to a lack of actionable intelligence . It is extremely difficult for analysts to clean-up, prepare, model (without the help of domain experts) all this data in a way that truly paints an accurate picture. Organon
is the ideal solve to this issue as it:

  • Pulls in data from a variety of sources, irrespective of whether it is unstructured 3rd party data, social media data, in-house data or anything else

  • Enables rapid analytics to be done in context across functional dimensions through pre-defined models and dashboard templates

  • Ensures that actionable intelligence is always delivered on time


About us

Sport is embedded at PSA’s core. And so is technology.


We understand how the industry works, the number of handshakes every step requires, the processes that have to be followed, the stakeholders involved, and the list goes on. We know the ecosystem as a whole and how hard it is for industry folks off the field to deliver these amazing experiences that fans not only demand, but deserve. That too, while keeping the interests of the rightsholders in mind. This is where PSA comes in.


At a fundamental level, PSA’s mission is to drive Operational Excellence in the Sports Industry. We believe that Technology can do a lot for the industry, but only if it is leveraged in the right context and the right way. The right combination of Domain Expertise and Technology is crucial to the success of any organisation today and that is exactly what PSA delivers through its Products & Consulting Services.

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