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Delhi Panzers partner up with Proem Sports!

Delhi Panzers and Proem Sports Collaborate to enable Data Driven Decisions in the Inaugural Season of The Premier Handball League

Bengaluru, 8th June 2023 : Proem Sports, a leading sports software-technology company, and Delhi Panzers, one of the founding teams in the inaugural season of the upcoming Premier Handball League (PHL), are thrilled to announce their data partnership. This collaboration marks a significant milestone as Delhi Panzers gears up for an exciting inaugural season of the PHL and aims to transform the fan experience through data-driven strategies. As handball emerges as an exciting new sport for Indian viewers, organisations must seize the opportunity to captivate fans through personalised experiences.

In an era where fans expect personalised digital experiences, the importance of leveraging data to curate tailored engagements cannot be understated. By joining forces with Proem Sports, Delhi Panzers will gain invaluable insights into fan behaviour and patterns. This partnership empowers the club to automate, create and deliver highly personalised content, fostering deeper connections and meaningful engagement among their passionate followers, both locally and beyond. This collaboration aims to redefine fan engagement and elevate the handball experience for Indian viewers, as handball gains momentum in the country.

Himangshu Talukdar, GM at Delhi Panzers, says "We are thrilled to partner with Proem Sports, an innovator in sports Customer Data Platforms, this partnership will empower us to gain deep insights into our fans' preferences and behaviours, enabling us to create tailored experiences that resonate with them on a personal level. Together, we aim to elevate the handball landscape and create a new standard for fan engagement for our supporters."

Delhi Panzers is committed to providing a thrilling and immersive handball experience for their fans from the first season itself. By harnessing Proem Sports' data partnership, the team will be equipped with the tools needed to understand their fans on a granular level moving forward. This wealth of knowledge will empower them to tailor their marketing campaigns, promotions, and engagement initiatives to deliver personalised experiences that resonate with their fans.

Chiraag Paul, CEO at Proem Sports, says "We are thrilled to embark on this journey with the Delhi Panzers, as they step onto the premier handball league stage. This being the inaugural season, it is critical to set the right data foundation from the onset so the Panzers can capitalise on unlocking opportunities to cultivate stronger fan connections, optimise revenue streams and establish a winning fan experience season on season."

Proem Sports has earned a reputation for harnessing the power of fan data to optimise fan engagement and drive results for sports organisations. This partnership between Proem Sports and Delhi Panzers is poised to cultivate innovation thus laying the foundation for success both on & off the pitch within the Premier Handball League. With a shared commitment to place fans at the very heart of the game, this collaboration promises to lay the base for the growth of Handball in India through data driven decisions. The PHL starts in India on 8th June.

About Proem Sports:

Headquartered in Singapore, Proem Sports is dedicated to empowering Asia's sports, entertainment, and live event industries by deepening their understanding of fans. Founded in 2017 by entrepreneurs Chiraag Paul, Pareekshith Shetty and Sugato Ray, Proem Sports provides a one-stop destination for off-field analytics, including data capture, fan intelligence and marketing automation. Their Customer Data Platform (CDP) Organon, helps organisations forge stronger connections with their fans.

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About Delhi Panzers:

Delhi Panzers is a dynamic handball team set to make its mark in the Premier Handball League. As a symbol of strength, integrity, and pride the team embodies the spirit of handball, playing the game with passion, power, and pace. With their inaugural season on the horizon, Delhi Panzers are committed to providing an exceptional handball experience for their fans and driving the growth of the sport in India.

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