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Boost sponsorship revenue with data driven collaborations: Introducing Partnerships

Updated: 9 hours ago

With our new partnership feature rights holders can supercharge sponsorship revenue by leveraging their loyalty and reach. You can build anonymised and aggregated custom audiences and share it with brands, opening the door to new revenue streams and forging more robust partnerships. These audiences are pushed directly to partners' Meta & Google ad accounts, ensuring full control and data privacy by the rights holders. Partners can only access anonymised, aggregated data, and cannot export or modify it.

This strategic data partnership unlocks high-value sponsorship packages. Laser-focused audience targeting justifies higher sponsorship fees, fuels innovative sponsorship packages, and encourages renewals, boosting revenue for both parties.

Transforming sponsorships with strategic data partnerships

In today's cookie-less digital landscape, where access to third-party data is becoming increasingly restricted, brands are shifting their focus towards data-driven partnerships. Rights holders now need to modify their strategy to meet the needs of the brands.

While traditional sponsorships generate brand visibility during games, they often fall short in engaging fans beyond the season.

Successful sponsorships, however, hinge on year-round engagement. Brands need to utilise fan data to develop personalised content that resonates with specific fan groups, both on and off the season. Imagine Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) partnering with Puma to promote the latest Virat Kohli one8 collection. By leveraging RCB's detailed fan data, Puma targets ads specifically to fans who recently bought an RCB jersey, ensuring highly personalised and effective marketing.

Our partnership feature provides access to rich first-party and social media data in a secure environment, giving brands more control to enhance and personalise their engagement strategies throughout the year leading to better digital rights sales for the rights holders.

Build custom audiences

Our fan data platform empowers rights holders to create specific custom audiences across their website, social media, and first party fan universes. These custom audiences can be built on the basis of behavioural, transactional, and demographic data:

  • Fans who have visited your Instagram page in the last 30 days

  • Fans who spend more than a specific amount on every home game

  • Fans who are highly engaged on your app.

Audience Setup UI

Share audiences with brands while keeping full data privacy The custom audiences undergo a process of anonymisation and aggregation, ensuring compliance with regulations while preserving the privacy and confidentiality of the data.

Once the data set adheres to all our privacy policies, rights holders can share the audiences directly with their commercial partners. Our feature allows right holders to decide the duration of the data partnership, while retaining complete control.

Share Audience UI

Add a partner

Rights holders can onboard multiple partners in their account. Adding partners is quick and easy: - One-click and secure: Simply enter your partner's Ad account ID and email address for secure verification. - Organise management: Assign a unique partner name and type to effortlessly track your expanding sponsorship portfolio.

Once a partner's Ad account ID and email address is entered, a verification notification is automatically sent to their account for approval. Upon their acceptance, data sharing becomes available.

Partner Setup UI

Maintain full control over your data

We prioritise our data security, adhering to strict guidelines to safeguard data privacy and control.

It is a common practice for many rights holders to securely distribute audience data to platforms like Meta and Google, without compromising privacy (for instance, from their websites). Our platform enhances this approach by sharing the anonymised & aggregated data to the partner's ad accounts. This ensures that no audience data is directly transferred to sponsors and remains securely within the rights holders’ own systems, maintaining stringent privacy standards.

The Partnership feature is crafted with a privacy-by-design approach, allowing right holders to collaborate with brands trusting all year-round. Securely share data with sponsors, always on your terms, ensuring trust and control in every exchange, beyond just the season.

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